Ambulance 207 is a 2015 Braun Chief XL on a Ford F-450 chassis. This vehicle was designed by the providers who work out of the ambulances at Crescent on a regular basis, and was designed to be safe, comfortable, and contain all the best features to provide the best transportation to the patients we care for. The ambulance features Braun's signature "Solid Body" construction (which provides the lightest and strongest modular component in the industry), the EZ-O2 lift, sliding curb door, a Whelen light and siren package, a Federal Signal Rumbler, and the Ferno inX stretcher system with the inLine charging and mounting system.

Engine 212

Utility 218

Engine 212 is a 2004 KME Predator Series. It is one of the first of it's kind, and was one of the first sold in the United States. The unit features a roomy 6 person cab, a 1500 GPM pump, 1000 gallon water storage, an on-board generator, all LED warning lights, and plenty of compartment space. The unit primarily functions as water supply to Ladder 209, but also serves as our front line vehicle fire, brush fire and trailer fire apparatus. In addition, Engine 212 is PA DOH QRS certified.

Ladder 209

Ambulance 207

Rescue 208

Ladder 209 is the primary firefighting apparatus of the Crescent Hose Company. 209 is a 1996 KME AerialCat, 75' steel ladder. This unit holds 400 gallons of water, but has the ability to flow 1750 gallons of water per minute! Ladder 209 has a 6 person cab, full compliment of ground ladders, hooks, axes, pikes and hoses to handle any job it is asked to do. The primary task of Ladder 209 is to perform search and rescue operations at a fire scene, along with venting the structure, securing utilities, and cleaning up after the fire.  

REHAB/Utility 218 is our former Ambulance 217. It is a 2001 Lifeline box, mounted on a 2009 Ford E-450 chassis. The decision to make this unit a REHAB/Utility vehicle was reached by the membership after deciding it was necessary to have a vehicle dedicated to towing Trailer 218, with UTV 218 on board. The unit was modified locally, and is equipped with REHAB supplies, including vitals signs monitors, beverages and snacks. 

Rescue 208 is a 2001 KME Heavy Rescue. The unit was purchased by Crescent Hose Company as a custom build from Kovatch Mobile Equipment in PA. Rescue 208 is rated as a heavy rescue, containing 2 sets of Hurst tools (the Jaws of Life), a 10-person cab, on-board generator and SCBA filling station, and just about any tool needed to remove you from a bad situation. The rescue is the primary response vehicle used in all motor vehicle accidents and industrial accidents. Featuring Taz on it's back, "The Extricator" has never missed a show.

Utility 218 is a 2013 Polaris 6x6 Ranger. This unit falls under the category of specialized rescue, as it is designed for areas that we cannot fit a normal vehicle. Utility 218 was purchased as we discovered the need to be able to access the several acres of wooded area, wilderness, beach and farm land that we have in our district. Equipped with a Kimtek patient transport unit, this unit has the ability to have a patient and care giver ride in the back. 

REHAB/Utility 218